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What Runaway Horses Taught Me About Fear and Control

Click on the image to read my essay about how a team of 20 runaway horses ran through my town and ended up in my backyard.

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Why Your Book Sales Numbers Tell Only Half the Story

Book Sales Don’t Tell the Full Story Indie authors, mainly, love to focus on SALES as a measure of success. Authors must understand that there are many models and paths to publication. How many books did you sell? What’s your Amazon Best Seller Ranking? A great benefit to social media is that we can connect with fellow authors around the world and learn what they …
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Batching Writing Tasks to Boost Your Efficiency

The Power of Batching If your morning work routine looks something like this:
—check your email, scroll through Facebook/Instagram, like a few posts, open your email, hop on a conference call, and back to checking email again, etc., then you’re not batching your workday.

Batching relieves the pressure of an overwhelming to-do list. By breaking down your workflow into discrete tasks and dedicate time to them in …
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"Dream a dream as sweet as you, 'cause on Christmas, dreams come true."
book cover When the Clock Strikes on Halloween
"When the clock strikes six, witches fly on sticks."
"Home is a place first lived in a womb then carried in arms then held by hands. Home is family and family is home. I loved this book from the bottom of my heart." - Hubert O'Hearn, By the Book Reviews
"Funny, moving, and insightful--a wild ride of motherhood around the world." - AK Turner, New York Times bestselling author of the Vagabonding With Kids series.