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Lessons Learned from Launching 7 Kickstarter Campaigns

Joseph Becker is currently raising over $20k on his 7th Kickstarter campaign for his children’s book series Annabelle and Aiden. Joseph was kind enough to answer some questions and provide some insights to how he was able to use Kickstarter as a marketing tool for his books.You’ve launched 7 different campaigns on Kickstarter for your books and it’s clear that your audience has grown with each success. Why …
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Discover the Magic and Chaos of Motherhood on Kickstarter

Lindsay Madsen discovered inspiration and ideas amidst diapers, laundry, and sleepless nights. There’s something about rocking your baby in the wee hours of the night that gets your brain cells tingling.In Lindsay’s case, she wanted to share hope and support for fellow moms who are in the thick fog of exhaustion that comes with those early baby days.

In this author interview, I asked Lindsay what …
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An outdoor sing-along story perfect for kids ages 3-6
"Dream a dream as sweet as you, 'cause on Christmas, dreams come true."
book cover When the Clock Strikes on Halloween
"When the clock strikes six, witches fly on sticks."
"Home is a place first lived in a womb then carried in arms then held by hands. Home is family and family is home. I loved this book from the bottom of my heart." - Hubert O'Hearn, By the Book Reviews
"Funny, moving, and insightful--a wild ride of motherhood around the world." - AK Turner, New York Times bestselling author of the Vagabonding With Kids series.