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'From day one, Lisa has been in my corner cheering me on, responding to my questions quickly with expert advise, and leading zoom calls where authors collaborate, team-build and come up with new and effective ideas to get the word out about our amazing stories. The online course and vault of endless ideas and examples have given me the tools I need to reach my target readers. My audience is growing day by day, and I owe it all to Lisa and her vast knowledge in the field. If you're like me, an introverted storyteller who'd rather connect with their characters than the outside world, then I highly recommend Lisa and the crowdfunding services she provides. She will ease you out of your comfort zone and give you everything you need for a successful book launch.'
SJ Rosson headshot
SJ Rosson
Children's book author
'After taking Lisa’s course, I felt confident filming my Kickstarter video. I felt at ease and was able to let my personality shine through knowing I had a solid plan in place. Lisa, thank you for all of your support. I couldn’t have done it without you!'
Cece Kelley
Raised >$26k on Kickstarter, 2-time creator, children's books
'I’ve worked with Lisa in both 1-on-1 coaching as well as her crowdfunding course. She has given me that ideal triple combo of big picture strategy, finer tactical details, and motivation. I always leave my sessions with her feeling more excited to think bigger, as well as ready to work and get my hands dirty applying new tool or technique. Lisa is as committed to her clients success as she is to her own. Her integrity and passion for learning come through strongly as she passes on her expertise and new learning to clients in real time as it happens. Highly recommend!'
Peter Beresford
Peter Beresford
Raised $5k on IndieGoGo
‘Lisa’s course is AMAZING! I’m not only getting clarity on creating an amazing campaign, I’m also clear on what my book offers and what I stand for in the author space in general. SO GOOD!’
Tee Thior
Tee Thior
Children's book author planning a Kickstarter campaign
'I’m so glad I got in touch with Lisa. I didn’t realise the amount of work required and she really opened my eyes.'
Vese Aghoghovbia
Children's book author
'As a children’s picture book author, I have had the good fortune of working with Lisa Ferland numerous times in the past 1-1/2 years and on 2 different books. Lisa has provided: Analysis of my business model & website; follow-up evaluation of my progress on these; suggestions regarding improvements in book design and development for my second book; marketing strategy; and evaluation and help with revising my Amazon Sales Page copy. She has also been a CONSTANT source of useful information about the Children’s Book business. Lisa’s help & insights have been consistently above and beyond excellent. She is one of the most organized & prolific people I have had the good fortune to work with and always quick to act on sending me promised or requested information, revisions and summaries. I simply can’t say enough about how helpful & enjoyable my interactions with Lisa have been. I consider her a friend and I give her my highest recommendation. Any author, aspiring or established, can benefit from her services.'
dr steven viele
Steven Viele, MD
Children's book author