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What Authors are Saying

Gina V.
Gina V.
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Thanks for your great presentation. Such a huge amount of information!
Denis K.
Denis K.
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Your program unexpectedly opened so many doors for me! I barely can contain my excitement❣️
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Lisa is a treasure trove of information. She knows all of the ins and outs of how to launch your book. I can't wait to finish my book so that I can work with her. Super professional.
LaRenya M
LaRenya M
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Thanks so much for this (replay). I just watched it and appreciate the info greatly.

In this 80-min crowdfunding webinar training, you will learn: 

      • The benefits and drawbacks to crowdfunding your book – find out if it’s right for you
      • The potential return on investment for a crowdfunding campaign vs. a traditional book launch
      • Effective campaign strategies and designs from authors in all genres
      • Why the all-or-nothing Kickstarter model works MUCH better than other models
      • A deep-dive into the crowdfunding strategies for new authors and how they differ from the strategies employed by established authors
      • The Micro-Kickstarter Campaign Approach
      • Key mistakes you want to avoid
      • How to build your audience before you launch
      • And more!

        Don’t like webinars because you prefer to read? A full transcript is provided.

Who is Lisa Ferland?

I know there are so many webinars, YouTube videos, and blogs out there around crowdfunding, which is why I wholly recommend listening to as many as possible.

When I started building crowdfunding campaigns for authors in 2017, I discovered that not all strategies work the same for each person.

Marketing is limitless, which is great but can also feel really overwhelming to a new author. 

After working with children’s book authors, fiction and non-fiction authors, I know how to customize the approach for the readership AND the author. There’s no sense in trying something that we both know you won’t do.

When you have someone customizing your campaign using the latest strategies, rewards, and audience building approaches, my clients have raised close to $1M on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for books in all genres.

Catherine P.
Catherine P.Organizer of the 2023 Stockholm Writers Festival
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Lisa's presentation scored a 4.4/5 with the Stockholm Writers Festival attendees - this is in the Excellent Range and was one of only two presentations to receive such high scores. Everyone came up to me after the presentation to tell me how wonderful and useful it was.
Leia B.
Leia B.Children's book author
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Mila and Lisa have a wealth of knowledge about getting your book seen and sold. Together, they provide authors, especially authors new to self-publishing, a great starting point if you want to know more about selling on Amazon and crowdfunding. Highly recommended!

Enroll now and you’ll get access to
Mila Johansen’s BONUS 40-min video training on
Optimizing Your Book’s Amazon Page

So many indie authors are underutilizing their Amazon pages – everything from the book description, to their author bio, Look Inside Feature and more. After your Kickstarter campaign, you’ll need to optimize your book’s Amazon page.

In this bonus training by Mila Johansen, you’ll learn:

      • How to optimize your Amazon book page for maximum conversions
      • Features you might not realize Amazon offers
      • How to turn writing you already have into a publishable book

About Mila Johansen

Mila Johansen is a public speaker, writing, publishing, and public speaker coach She is the best-selling author of nine books, including, “From Cowgirl to Congress: Journey of a Suffragist on the Front Lines”, a first-person account from Jessie Haver Butler, Mila’s grandmother who put together the Pulitzer School of Journalism, was the first woman lobbyist in D.C. and taught public speaking to Eleanor Roosevelt. In her early 90s, Jessie shared the podium all over Hollywood with Gloria Steinem and Marlo Thomas and took Mila along. Mila also has several more books in progress and loves to write and produce short screenplays. She has developed “The Short Book” concept giving people all over the world permission to write their “short book” first.


You don’t! All you really need is an audience, a solid understanding of your expenses, and a book cover or some visuals. If you can deliver your finished book within 8-10 months of finishing your Kickstarter campaign, and you have everything in place, you can launch.

As soon as your payment clears, you will be able to start both trainings right away. The webinars are recorded, so you have immediate access.

The Crowdfunding Webinar is 60-minutes with 19 minutes of questions and answers that extend beyond the webinar content, so there is a lot of good stuff there.

The Optimize Your Amazon Book Page webinar is 40-minutes long.

It’s totally natural to have additional questions after a webinar, but no live support is offered with this bundle. My intention was to create an affordable training so more authors can decide their next steps in crowdfunding their books (or not). 

If you’d prefer to work with me directly, I offer twice-weekly group coaching as well as 1:1 crowdfunding coaching where I provide personalized feedback and strategy for your launch.