“As a children’s picture book author, I have had the good fortune of working with Lisa Ferland numerous times in the past 1-1/2 years and on 2 different books.

Lisa has provided: Analysis of my business model & website; follow-up evaluation of my progress on these; suggestions regarding improvements in book design and development for my second book; marketing strategy; and evaluation and help with revising my Amazon Sales Page copy. 

She has also been a CONSTANT source of useful information about the Children’s Book business.

Lisa’s help & insights have been consistently above and beyond excellent. 

She is one of the most organized & prolific people I have had the good fortune to work with and always quick to act on sending me promised or requested information, revisions and summaries.

I simply can’t say enough about how helpful & enjoyable my interactions with Lisa have been. I consider her a friend and I give her my highest recommendation. 

Any author, aspiring or established, can benefit from her services.”

—Steven Viele, MD, children’s book author

dr steven viele

Lisa is a freakin’ Kickstarter whisperer. I wish I’d listened more closely to her advice the first time around. I was ever the naive wide eyed lady… I canceled my first campaign ten days in due to unrealistic goals. For my second identical campaign, I lowered my goal a lot and made my $6k goal. The first campaign aged me about ten years!”

—Kristen Perhach, raised $6k on Kickstarter

Lisa Ferland supported me before, during and after my Kickstarter. It was amazing the wealth of knowledge and expertise she had to share with me. I thought I had researched enough and knew what u was doing – but having a set of fresh and expert eyes helped so much. 

Lisa had many small suggestions and tweaks for me to do with my campaign that just helped take it to that next level.” Rebecca Hamer, raised over $4k on Kickstarter


“Lisa Ferland’s help was invaluable for self-publishing my book. She taught me some functions I never knew Microsoft had (kerning, anyone?), and her advice made me aware of what to look out for when formatting a book.

Moreover, she pays a great attention to detail and to the book’s aesthetic look and feel.In other words, Lisa will not just make a book for you. She will make you a beautiful-looking book that you (and your readers!) will be happy to read, look at and enjoy.” 

Olga Mecking, writer, publisher of One Chance in a Thousand. A Holocaust Memoir 

“It’s so challenging when you have a book that you know will serve the needs of others, fill a pain-point in the marketplace, and provide value but you don’t how to get it out to others. I know that it takes financial resources that us boot-strapped folk don’t often have.

Learning from Lisa about how she turned her ideas into a book, held in the hands of her tribe and not just collecting proverbial dust in her computer, is incredibly valuable information!” ~Ambra Jo Junquiero, Ambra Jo Design Co


“Lisa was amazing to work with.  I was privileged to be one of the authors on her Knocked Up Abroad series of books and was astounded by the amount of time and effort she put into it.

Her input was amazing, a truly extraordinary person who delivers what she promises.”

—Rosemary GillanKnocked Up Abroad Again and Once Upon an Expat


 “I was incredibly impressed with Lisa’s organizational and managerial skills when she sought to fund the second volume of the Knocked Up Abroad book series.

Through her leadership, flexibility, and innovation, she was able to quickly change plans to go with what works for raising money.

—Vanessa Jencks, rue Run Media (theBeijinger | beijingkids | JingKids)


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa on the Knocked Up Abroad Series and Kickstarter campaign. As contributors, Lisa kept us fully informed and engaged throughout the whole process, which I really appreciated.

Her commitment to getting this project more than fully funded was unswerving, and her passion nothing less than inspiring.”

—Lucille Abendanon, Expitterpattica.com