Why the #web3lit community should pay attention to what Sitka World is doing

TLDR – Because Sitka World is doing everything the right way – giving project leaders a roadmap, writers a community, and readers a great story.

If you haven’t heard of Sitka World before, it is an upcoming fantasy novel that uses a mix of web3 and web2 technologies and business cases to grow and engage with its community. 

We recently had a great conversation with them and were really impressed with what they are building. Not only with the actual story (the prologue they’ve released seems fantastic!) but with some of the key strategic choices they’ve made along the way.  

The roadmap they’ve laid out is textbook, and their decision-making can provide invaluable lessons to future web3lit project leaders and authors.

As we’ve discussed before, a number of key challenges show up in almost every web3lit project.

1) How do you build a community?

2) How do you keep the community engaged in the long term?

3) How do get average readers onboarded into web3?

We can’t say what will happen with Sitka World (as always, this is NOT investment advice), but they’ve done an amazing job of answering these questions at the start. 

Let’s dig in….

How Sitka World is building a community

Building community is hard for authors in web3 (and in web2, web1, and pre-web. It will likely be the hardest question to answer in web5, too.

What they’ve done is they have talked with EVERYONE. 

Over the last few weeks, they have been featured on Twitter Spaces, Podcasts, and Newsletters. They have announced partnerships, competitions, and collaborations. The quick count has them working with about a dozen crypto teams. Each of these partners has its own community that now knows about Sitka World’s story, background, and vision. Getting yourself heard within the web3 space is never easy, but they’ve done a good job of standing out in this way.  

They’ve also created three distinct customer segmentations with specific messaging and offerings for each. When you login into their website, it allows you to pick whether you are interested in the reader, author, or investor perspective. By segmenting this message, it lets the visitor know that they have a community with benefits for everyone. 

How Sitka World keeps the community engaged in the long term

Once you have a community, keeping them engaged and interested is a really challenging task (as my dozens of unattended discord groups unfortunately prove).

This is a challenge for many web3 projects, but books – especially GOOD books – take a long time to write! This means that there is a lot of time between novels where there aren’t a lot of reasons for the community to stay involved.  

Knowing this, Sitka World is planning to launch numerous initiatives which will engage their community throughout the writing cycle. 

For investors, they will offer Royalty Sharing (which can help maintain an organic marketing push).

For authors, they have multiple initiatives. First, they will integrate fan-fiction into their world. They will also offer writing classes with Rae (the author of Sitka World) and other writing camps. 

For readers, they are working on offering games (including metaverse-compatible options). Readers will also enjoy the fan-fiction works that the authors will be creating.  

Overall, they have something for everyone, which can help provide some “stickiness” within the community. 

How will Sitka World get average readers onboarded into web3?

They won’t.

This is the part that we kind of like the best. We love crypto stuff as much (more?) than most people. But we can also understand that it’s not perfect for everyone, it’s not super easy and it doesn’t always give the best user experience. Within crypto, different technologies (i.e Ethereum vs Solana) have different costs, benefits, and tradeoffs.  

Sitka World understands this too and is trying to use web3 tools when they make sense, rather than trying to “force” anything. They seem willing to experiment with different platforms and chains. Especially with so much innovation happening, being flexible right now is essential.

They are also apparently willing to sell physical books through traditional channels – basically, whatever gets people reading and engaging.   

They care about providing the best experience for their community, not ensuring an anonymous “laser-eye” on Twitter is happy.  

This flexibility ties into point 1 from earlier – they are doing everything possible to find community members. They will not put up artificial walls that could limit who reads their book.  

For a lot of authors who are interested in exploring NFTs and web3lit but are concerned about giving up paperback or Kindle sales, this is fantastic to see. This type of web2.5 can be the bridge that gets more people into seeing the value of crypto.

Exciting things are happening in Sitka’s World and we are here for it.

We hope you reach out to them on Twitter and request to join their Discord to experience the story-led journey. Be sure to follow them on Twitter to learn more about the web3lit space.

Sitka World’s Website

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SitkaWorldNFT

Sitka World’s artist: https://www.instagram.com/crandallart/

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