Why Every Professional Should Publish a Book

Every professional should consider adding a book to their resume. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you already control your creative ideas, budget, and messaging around your work, why not do the same with your intellectual property and self-publish a non-fiction book? 

Publishing a book can boost your business in many ways:

Increase your visibility

Small business owners and entrepreneurs benefit from having a book that boosts the reach of the brand. As a professional, your job title may change from job to job but a book is an embodiment of your expertise and knowledge that follows you wherever you go.

A lot of work you develop during your career stays with your job when you leave or change roles but capturing your novel ideas and thoughts in a book means that you can take those experiences with you no matter what job you have.

If you developed a novel approach to analytics, management, or marketing, you could record and share that knowledge in a way that better serves other professionals like you. 

Books boost your credibility and visibility as an expert in the field. You’re already the expert, so why not write the book on the topic? 

Market your business in a new way

You’ve already developed your website and services, and clients love working with you. You are a trusted member of the professional community, and you offer valuable insights in all of the work you do. Providing clients with a book enables you to stand out from the rest of the competition in your field.

Books serve as the ultimate contact card for consumers. By selling your book on Amazon, you can reach potential customers around the world. 

As the author of a book, you’ll be invited to new events, conferences, and opportunities that didn’t previously exist. Publishing a book establishes your company’s brand and garners positive media attention.

It also provides a direct line of communication with consumers and leaves behind a legacy of institutional knowledge for your business.

Capture a lifetime of experience

Many retired professionals, once removed from the daily obligations of work, want a way to capture all of their knowledge and expertise while it is still fresh. After 30+ years of experience, it often feels like a waste of all of that on-the-job experience to let it all disappear into the ether that is the first year of retirement.

Capturing the unique experiences you had during your career in the format of a book is an enjoyable project that many recent retirees don’t often consider.

What to write about?

Write about your successes, failures, strategic decisions, and insights behind the creation of your company, your business, and your ideas. What drove you to become successful? What is the backstory to your company or brand that nobody knows? 

Share your wisdom with your existing customers, and you’ll find that in doing so, you’ll end up reaching an entirely new base of clients. 

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