Self-Publishing Mastermind Group


What’s included:

  • 6 months of direct guidance, troubleshooting, and my help for you to self-publish your book
  • 2 small group calls/month (recorded so you don’t miss a thing) that focus on your questions or teach you new skills
  • Enrollment in the Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing course
  • Problem-solving whatever you encounter along the way
  • More accountability to help you accomplish your self-publishing goals in 2018
  • An enthusiastic, optimistic, and helpful leader (me!)
  • Space is limited to 5 people so I can focus my attention and energy on you
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  • In this mastermind group, you will learn the ins and outs of self-publishing so that your book will look and feel like a traditionally published book.
  • It’s not difficult to self-publish a beautiful looking book that looks and feels like a New York Times bestseller, but you have to know some key elements that will elevate your finished book to the highest level.
  • From interior formatting and layout to selecting the best cover design for your book, I will help guide you step-by-step through the very detailed process of self-publishing, so you don’t get lost along the way.
  • Using The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing course as a primer, the mastermind group will meet every other week to help you problem solve your specific issues.
  • This group is designed for someone who already has their content mostly complete and is serious about getting their book on bookshelves in 2018.
  • For 6 months, we will meet 2x/month in group calls to go over exactly what issues you are experiencing
  • Small, closed Facebook group for you to post questions and for authors to support one another
  • You’ll be a self-publishing pro when you’re done
  • Space is limited to 5 people.


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