Ongoing Publishing and/or Marketing Hourly Help


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Bounce ideas off me, get feedback, strategic advice, and creative ideas to publish and market your books with success.

How it works:

  1. Pay for this service
  2. Schedule a 60-min session with me at this link:
  3. In the notes section, tell me what you’d like to discuss during our session and give me as many details, links, and questions that you want addressed.
  4. I’ll do an hour of work conducting market research and preparing a plan.
  5. We’ll meet at the scheduled time via Zoom video and I’ll record the session. We’ll have a fantastic meeting and bounce ideas around to hone in on what you need.
  6. At the end of our session together, you’ll get my typed notes, the recorded replay of our session, a ton of confidence, and a clear direction as to what you should be working on.

Come prepared and ready to work!


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