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Reduce your publishing anxiety by using
Mila Johansen’s surefire “Short Book Concept”

Learn how to write your short book in one day with this
great workshop by Mila Johansen!

Mila has helped over a hundred authors on their path to publishing using “The Short Book” concept and has given  people all over the world permission to write their “short book” first.

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In this 60-min Short Book Concept Workshop, you will learn: 

      • Mila’s surefire Short Book Concept that introduces you to the world of self-publishing with the shortest learning curve possible
      • Publish content you’ve already written for an easy path to publishing
      • The many attributes Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing offers you
      • The advantages of self-publishing
      • The easy path to becoming a bestselling author – yes, it’s possible!

The workshop will be followed by 30 minutes for questions and answers, so come with your notebook and questions for Mila!

About Mila Johansen

Mila Johansen is a public speaker, writing, publishing, and public speaker coach She is the best-selling author of nine books, including, “From Cowgirl to Congress: Journey of a Suffragist on the Front Lines”, a first-person account from Jessie Haver Butler, Mila’s grandmother who put together the Pulitzer School of Journalism, was the first woman lobbyist in D.C. and taught public speaking to Eleanor Roosevelt.

In her early 90s, Jessie shared the podium all over Hollywood with Gloria Steinem and Marlo Thomas and took Mila along. Mila also has several more books in progress and loves to write and produce short screenplays. She has developed “The Short Book” concept giving people all over the world permission to write their “short book” first.

Get your butt in gear and let’s get that short book written, edited, formatted, and published! 

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