Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing Course


Online course in 4 parts with 4.5 hours of instruction taking you from concept to cover and helping you self-publish your book in 2018.

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If you are looking for 100% creative control, want to avoid making costly mistakes, and want to be as efficient as possible, then this course might be right for you.

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This course is divided into 4 sections:

1. Getting Up to Speed on the Process

2. E-books

3. Paperbacks

4. Launch it, Baby!

The course is perfect for anyone who is looking to:

– Save time

– Increase the quality of your book

– Reduce wasted efforts heading in the wrong direction

– Prevent costly mistakes

– Boost confidence

But is the course worth it?

“I loved the course. It’s my first contact with self-publishing and this course was everything I needed. I feel very confident, and I didn’t waste my time searching for reliable information online. I’m ready to start working on publishing my book now.”

“With an uplifting tone, Lisa Ferland guides the beginner through clear lessons on how to self-publish. A perfect resource, her e-course provides all that is needed to boost the beginner’s confidence, making self-publishing an exciting next step.

“Don’t try self-publishing without taking this course. It will save you time, money and boost the level of professionalism tenfold.”


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