Hi, there, I am the editor and publisher of the Knocked Up Abroad series and I write about multicultural motherhood on Knocked Up Abroad.

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I have helped many authors successfully fund their books using Kickstarter and IndieGoGo (including my own book)

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Title of project: Knocked Up Abroad Again

Platform: Kickstarter

Role: Campaign owner

Total raised: $10,870 (109%)

Number of backers: 277

Campaign link: bit.ly/knockedupabroadagain


Title of project: Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence

Platform: IndieGoGo

Role: Campaign Consultant

Total raised: €18,315 (122%)

Number of backers: 394

Campaign link: 

Marie Curie and the Power of Persistence

Title of project: Sarah’s Journey—An Empowering Adventure Book for Children

Platform: Kickstarter

Role: Pre-campaign Consultation

Total raised: $27, 976 (104%)

Number of backers: 352

Campaign link: 

Sarah’s Journey

Title of project: Cami the Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets!

Platform: Kickstarter

Role: Pre-launch strategy

Total raised: $6,400 (160%)

Number of backers: 201

Campaign link:

Cami the Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets! 


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