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PageStarter is for writers who are always starting the next page and is full of inspiration, motivation, and a bit of education on how to keep writing, launching, and publishing your next page.

S1: E9: From Idea Spark to Complete Story: A 6-Step Framework to Assess Your Book-Worthiness

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of telling a story, but before you invest a lot of money, time, effort, and energy, follow these 6 steps to see if your story is worth turning into a book.

S1: E8: The Undeniable Power of BookTok: Rebecca Thorne on the Changing Publishing Landscape

Rebecca Thorne, author of cozy sapphic fantasy novel, You Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea, shares her insights into the traditional and self-publishing world and why BookTok is changing everything for authors and publishers.

Connect with Rebecca:

Read both books in her series: You Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea (aff link) and A Pirates’ Life for Tea (aff link)

Follow Rebecca on TikTok: @rebecca.thorne8

S1: E7: The Art of Staying Inspired: Strategies for Overcoming Creative Slumps

We all hit the valley of despair when we aren’t seeing progress in our writing, book sales, or building our audience. It’s ok to have unproductive days – we’ve all been there.

Here are 5+ tips for getting back on track if you need a friendly kick in the pants.

While you’re here – head over to Kickstarter and check out these great book campaigns:

Quantum Possum – A neurodivergence-affirming graphic novel

Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World – a children’s book fostering connection with nature

In Search of the Lost Words – an engaging bilingual graphic novel

Exploring All I Can Do – books that smash stereotypes for young black children in sports


S1: E6: Editing in the Age of AI: A discussion with Copy Editor and Ghost Writer, Ciera Lamb

Ciera Lamb is a copy editor, and ghost writer helping authors and small businesses get more eyes on their books.

In this podcast, we discuss:

      • the different types of editing
      • how editors and ghost writers are working in the time of AI and ChatGPT
      • the biggest struggles Ciera sees authors facing, and
      • the helpful 2-day writing rule that keeps her focused on her new novel

If you’re a small business, entrepreneur, or author looking for copywriting and editing help, connect with Ciera here:

S1: E5: Become a Better Writer: 3 Necessary Elements of Great Dialogue

Clear communication between characters = bad dialogue.

I’m ALWAYS expressing my feelings in real life, but I can’t let my characters be so self-aware. Messy characters are emotional, fraught with misunderstanding, and drama that drives your plot forward.

S1: E4: How to Get on the Path to Great – The Region Beta Paradox

It turns out that bad is not the opposite of great — good is your real enemy. Find out why this middle ground of, “Things are good…” is actually killing your creativity.

The Region Beta Paradox is a psychological concept that explains where artists with moderate success may find themselves. No longer shooting for the moon and, therefore, no longer landing among the stars.

S1: E3: How to Unblock and Release Your Flow with a Primal Scream

Did you know that screaming activates our fight or flight syndrome, ramping up adrenaline which also heightens our focus?

It also feels really good, is therapeutic, and is only mildly disturbing to those around you.

Taking care of your energy, mental, and physical well-being is necessary for creative work.

S1: E2: Stress Detox for Creative Confidence

Join me in this 3-month Stress Detox for Creative Confidence, where we will lovingly acknowledge our fears and cleanse our minds of anxiety and fear. This detox is intended to reprogram our brains in how we speak to ourselves and give us the space to focus on a creative pursuit that we have been putting off for way too long.

S1: E1: Frosting vs. Cake Concept

In this episode, Lisa discusses the Frosting vs. Cake Concept and how it can apply to any creative pursuit when setting goals and measuring progress.