Crowdfunding Resources for Authors

Kickstarter/IndieGoGo Audit

Do you want fresh eyes on your book’s Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaign before you launch?

Have you already asked your friends and family for their thoughts, but you want one more expert deep dive?

I offer an in-depth audit of your campaign page BEFORE you launch so that you’ll be feeling confident when hitting that GO LIVE button. 

Here’s what you’ll get within 48 hours of payment:

  1. A Deep Dive: I’ll take a good, hard look at your Kickstarter page and give you the lowdown on what’s working like a charm and what could use a little TLC.

  2. Does it ring true?: Is your copy telling me enough about your story to convince me to become a backer? I’ll let you know what’s missing so you can convert more backers.

  3. Campaign Video Feedback: I’ll provide in-depth feedback on your video and provide tips for editing the same video to repurpose on social media so your video is working for you.

  4. Get Backers Pumped: Are your rewards priced correctly to get people “leveling up” and pledging quickly because they see the value in your rewards? I’ll let you know how to fine-tune them.

  5. Make the Most of Your Moolah: Let’s make sure you’re setting the right funding goal to reach for the stars without burning out.

  6. Nail Your Presentation: Use the feedback to fine-tune your project page to make sure it’s captivating, persuasive, and leaves backers itching to hit that pledge button.

Remember that success ultimately comes down to your hustle and heart. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back every step of the way!

So, what do you say? Ready for some fresh feedback before you launch? Let’s do this! 🚀


“A” to Sleep, is a BIPOC children’s story that takes readers on a journey through the alphabet and a precious bedtime routine.

Meet Arya, a bubbly and autistic 3-year-old. She’s all about singing her heart out, enjoying playful baths, and snuggling into dreamland. Join her as she embarks on a charming and musical journey through the alphabet, all wrapped up in her bedtime routine. 

Illustrations by Ebony Samuels highlight positive parenting skills by portraying both parents being hands on during bedtime with their child.

Watch the Video here

Author Launch Accelerator Program

This is a 3-Month Accelerator Program starting in January 2024 focusing on audience engagement, campaign content, launching with support and confidence,  and engaging with your readers in new and exciting ways.

This accelerator is for authors who have their book completed or nearly complete and are now ready for the customized group coaching inside a mentorship model.

Date: 12 weeks

Applications are OPEN

Immediate Access to Trainings

Want to run a Kickstarter campaign without begging your friends and family? Learn how to launch your book to readers who WANT to pre-order your book and exclusive rewards.

PLUS get a 40-min BONUS training from Mila Johansen on how to optimize  your book’s Amazon page listing.

Date: Available NOW

Cost: $69 FREE

The FIRST STEP in email marketing is creating a compelling lead magnet that attracts readers. Creating a lead magnet that attracts the right readers and generates interest in your paid offer (your book) is really…hard.

In 90 minutes, we will go DEEP into how to create a compelling lead magnet for your book that will generate interest and desire for your readers to buy your book. 

Date: Available NOW

Cost: $67

In this 60-min Short Book Concept Workshop, you will learn Mila’s surefire Short Book Concept that introduces you to the world of self-publishing with the shortest learning curve possible.

Cost: $27