How to Create Lead Magnets for Authors


Join me, Lisa Ferland, in this 90 minute Masterclass where I’m going to teach you how to create a compelling lead magnet for your book that will generate interest and desire for your readers to buy your book. 

We’re gonna go way beyond PDF worksheets, coloring sheets, or whatever strategy you’ve tried that hasn’t worked and we are going to dive deep into approaches that are unique for your books. 

I want to help you grow your audience with readers who care about your writing and truly create an audience eager to buy your books. 

You’ll learn:

➡️ The essential elements your lead magnet MUST have in order to stand out. We’ll go into detail about what you should be paying attention to and what you should skip.

➡️ How to set up a lead magnet with minimal resources if you don’t have a website…you don’t need much to do a lot! We’ll go over exactly what you need and how to get it done for authors with budgets of all sizes.

➡️ How to send traffic to your lead magnet you’ll be surprised by what you can do on social media, with or without ad spend. Don’t want to do social media? I have other ideas for you!

➡️ Evaluating your results and analytics and no, it won’t be too complicated or boring 🥸. You need to be able to evaluate if your efforts are paying off so you can either change your copy, your lead magnet, or your creative. There’s no sense in putting a ton of energy behind a marketing tool that isn’t delivering results for you.

➡️ All of my fave resources, apps, links and platforms for you to use so that you can immediately start taking action on building your audience right away.

And sooooo much more.