Build an audience, engage your readers, and fund your book without feeling awkward

If you’ve seen other authors successfully crowdfund their books on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and BackerKit and are wondering, “How on earth are they doing that?!” then you’ll want to hop onto this webinar.

Inside this FREE webinar, I’ll address the essential elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign for your book by building
an audience BEYOND your immediate network.

You’ll get my methods on how to authentically build your audience, engage with your readers,
and build excitement for a great launch day that have helped >100 authors.

And that’s only the beginning…


✔️ Strategies that successful authors are using to crowdfund $10k and more on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

✔️ The unique approach my non-fiction author used to motivate her biggest supporters to pledge on launch day

✔️ A comparison of launch strategies to calculate the ROI for a crowdfunding campaign vs. a traditional launch

✔️ Campaign insights for children’s book authors, non-fiction/memoir, and novelists!

✔️ Plus what’s working for my clients right now to run exciting and (dare I say) fun crowdfunding campaigns to energize their readers and launch their books into the world

"Every penny that I've spent working with Lisa has been worth it. Even if I recoup only a fraction of what I've invested, none of that is really the point. The point has been all of the growth, the skills obtained, you know? The big picture."
Mike Sullivan
Author and Podcaster
"I want to thank Lisa for her Kickstarter tutorial videos. I watched them before launching my second campaign and had such a better outcome. I met my goal on day 7 instead of day 24 like my last campaign. Your videos are so helpful!"
heather robyn
Heather Robyn
Multiple Kickstarter campaigns


You’ve probably been told to “build a list” of readers but it’s so hard to get any type of conversion

Your posts on social media aren’t being seen by…anyone

And you want to ENJOY your book launch experience.

This is exactly what this 42-minute webinar will break down for you – the essential elements you need to build a successful crowdfunding book launch that results in happy readers AND a fully funded book.

Hi there! If we haven’t met before,

Author and crowdfunding expert for authors, mom of two, and excessive coffee drinker.

I’m a crowdfunding expert with 7 years of experience bringing other authors’ dreams to life through the powerful marketing vehicle of rewards-based crowdfunding.

I help authors in all genres nail their book’s messaging to hook readers right away so that they can cut through all of the noise on social media and in people’s inboxes.

My clients have been able to build their audience size, craft compelling crowdfunding campaigns with rewards that entice their readers, and lead to enjoyable launches using the strategies I teach and methods I use.

This brand new webinar dives into multiple strategies my author clients have used to successfully crowdfund their books at all levels – from $5k to $20k – because I believe that authors can successfully crowdfund their books without a massive audience.

"Lisa’s expertise has been invaluable, but her genuine kindness and interest in making my project a success was truly the best part. Lisa went above and beyond what I expected. I believe our sessions were worth every penny."
Gina Gallois bio
Gina Gallois
Raised $24k in 3 Kickstarter campaigns

It’s FREE!

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