1:1 Crowdfunding Coaching

Veronica Linarfve o Lisa Ferland

I’m your coach standing just outside the boxing ring.

I wrap your hands, help you put your gloves on, and shout encouragement into your ear over the noise of the crowd.

I’ll tell you when to duck, when to jab, and when to take a break. 

Together, we’ll make sure your book’s crowdfunding campaign doesn’t knock YOU out.

I will hold your hand and help you design the best strategy to successfully launch your crowdfunding campaign on either Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

I have worked with authors who have successfully funded projects on both platforms and can advise you on which platform fits your needs the best.

1:1 Crowdfunding Coaching services include

Pre-launch phase:

– 6 x 60-minute calls together so we can dive deep into crowdfunding strategies that are best suited for your writing style, audience needs, and audience development progress.

– Lifetime access to a comprehensive online program full of all of the resources you need to build an audience, set up a successful campaign, and deliver everything your readers want from you. Resources are updated as crowdfunding platforms change over time.

– Audience building, engagement, and campaign strategy planning

– My experience and lessons learned from years of researching, working with over 100 authors, and experiences on multiple crowdfunding campaigns.

– Access to tried-and-true resources, podcasts, and webinars

– Twice weekly Q&A sessions where you can drop in or send in your questions beforehand for my input and feedback so that you can continue to make progress in between our individual sessions

– Input and feedback on your campaign page, reward levels, and pricing

– Copywriting help to create a campaign that converts readers into backers

– Reward tiers that encourage readers to level up

– Newsletter and PR messaging templates that educate and encourage your network to back your campaign

– My tools to manage your campaign content calendar, track contacts, press, similar campaigns, and other helpful tabs to manage your crowdfunding campaign

Launch phase:

-I’m with you on launch day (eek!!)

-Social media shares of your campaign and related articles to amplify your launch and help you reach more people

– Check-in calls during your campaign to see how things are going, figure out if your strategy needs tweaking, and provide support.

At the end of your campaign, we’ll celebrate together!

How Much Does it all Cost?

– When we work together, you get ALL of my attention, creativity, and expertise from start to finish. The program can be broken into monthly payments ranging from $500-$1200/mth depending on the scope of our work together, so please Book a Zoom call with me to get a customized quote that suits your needs!

– If you’re not looking for 1:1 sessions at this time, please check out my DIY and DFY resources here: 

Does that sound awesome?

I only work with a few authors each month so I can dedicate 100% of my time and energy to my clients’ progress and success.

If you’re ready to take big steps toward big crowdfunding goals, then book your free 60-min discovery call to see how I can help you!


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Lisa's approach to crowdfunding has me feeling confident that I can grow news of my campaigns and get sales without bugging anyone.
Erin Winters
Children's book author, Kickstarter creator
Lisa has a ton of knowledge and is super generous in helping her clients succeed. I could not have done this on my own. An added bonus to having Lisa on your team is that she alleviates a large amount of stress. You’ll know you have proper direction or will be re-directed if things start slipping.
dennis glennon photography
Dennis Glennon
Children's book author and Kickstarter Creator
Lisa is a generous fountain of support and expertise.
Tevah Platt
Raised $10k on Kickstarter
"Our campaign was hugely successful (exceeding the funding goal by over 20%) and gave the book so much visibility that it caught the attention of Sourcebooks (who ended up acquiring world rights to the book). Lisa is a consummate professional and knows exactly what she's doing. I highly recommend her services, and I'm happy to answer any questions about my experience working with her."
karla valenti
Karla Valenti
Raised $18k on IndieGoGo