1:1 Crowdfunding Coaching

I’m your coach standing just outside the boxing ring.

I wrap your hands, help you put your gloves on, and shout encouragement into your ear over the noise of the crowd.

I’ll tell you when to duck, when to jab, and when to take a break. 

Together, we’ll make sure your book’s crowdfunding campaign doesn’t knock YOU out.

I will hold your hand and help you design the best strategy to successfully launch your crowdfunding campaign on either Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

I have successfully funded projects on both platforms and can advise you on which platform fits your needs the best.

During our weekly check-in calls during your campaign, we’ll strategize and problem solve if things aren’t working.

1:1 Crowdfunding Coaching services include

Pre-launch phase:

– Four (4) hours of calls, Skype, or Facetime sessions for strategy during the pre-launch phase

– Access to the Crowdfunding Vault full of additional resources

– My experience and lessons learned from hours of researching and experience on multiple crowdfunding campaigns

– Access to tried-and-true resources, podcasts, and webinars

– Input and feedback on your campaign video

– Input and feedback on your campaign page

– Newsletter and PR messaging templates/boilerplate language

– Excel spreadsheet with your campaign calendar, tools, similar campaigns, and other helpful tabs to manage your crowdfunding campaign

Launch phase:

-I’m with you on launch day (eek!!)

-Social media shares of your campaign and related articles to amplify your launch and help you reach more people

– Four (4) 30-minute check-in calls on the Monday of each day of your campaign to see how things are going, figure out if your strategy needs tweaking, and provide support.


Total cost: $1099 + a tiered* bonus structure when your campaign reaches 100%


*Tiered bonus structure = 5% (campaign goal amount) + 3% (total raised-campaign goal)

So, if your campaign goal is $25k and you end up raising $30k, my bonus is 1,400. 

Calculated: 5%(25k) + 3% (30k-25k) = 1,400

*If you need extra coaching time or support, additional hours are $115 each.*

At the end of your campaign, we’ll celebrate!

Does that sound awesome?

Unfortunately, I can’t work with everyone, so please fill out the application form for consideration.


"Lisa is a generous fountain of support and expertise."
Tevah Platt
Indie author and Kickstarter creator
"Our campaign was hugely successful (exceeding the funding goal by over 20%) and gave the book so much visibility that it caught the attention of Sourcebooks (who ended up acquiring world rights to the book).Lisa is a consummate professional and knows exactly what she's doing. I highly recommend her services, and I'm happy to answer any questions about my experience working with her."
Karla Valenti
Children's book writer
“I was incredibly impressed with Lisa’s organizational and managerial skills when she sought to fund the second volume of the Knocked Up Abroad book series.Through her leadership, flexibility, and innovation, she was able to quickly change plans to go with what works for raising money."
Vanessa Jencks
“It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa on the Kickstarter campaign. As contributors, Lisa kept us fully informed and engaged throughout the whole process, which I really appreciated.Her commitment to getting this project more than fully funded was unswerving, and her passion nothing less than inspiring.”
Lucille Abendanon

If you don’t need 1:1 help, then you’re welcome to pick my brain for an hour and a half and I will give you advice, a clear strategy, and valuable feedback so you don’t zoom off in the wrong direction.

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