Crowdfunding Campaign Page Audit

You have only 5 seconds to make an impression on a stranger.

Does your campaign page capture a random person’s attention?

Are you hooking potential backers with your campaign video? 

Are your rewards priced correctly to encourage backers to level up to the next tier? 

If you want to raise thousands of dollars, you need to streamline your campaign page.

You’ve had all of your friends and family provide you feedback on your Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign page but now it’s time for an experienced crowdfunding expert to take a look. 

In this campaign scan, I’ll give you detailed feedback on these four aspects of your page:

  1. Campaign video
  2. Campaign goal
  3. Reward tiers (types, quantity, and pricing)
  4. Campaign text

Show me your network

How many people are you going to reach during your campaign? 

I’ll also need to know some numbers in order to give you better advice:

  • Facebook page followers/page link
  • Twitter followers/link
  • Instagram followers/link
  • Newsletter recipients
  • Friends and family
  • An overview of your high level approach to running your campaign

Your investment

After I’ve given you some honest feedback, you’ll need to make changes to your campaign page.

This may include changing your video, which may take hours/days of your time.

It’s up to you to invest the time, effort, and energy into streamlining your campaign page based on my advice.

Let’s get you ready to launch with confidence!

Or…ignore my advice and press on as is. You’re the boss of your campaign. I’m just here to help.

How much does this cost and what do you get?

For only $37, you’ll get my expert campaign review on the four aspects of your campaign page.

Spending less than $40 can mean the difference between having to reconfigure your page mid-campaign OR smashing through your campaign goals and raising thousands of dollars.

A no brainer, right? 

"Lisa did way more than I expected and she answered questions and reviewed my campaign again after I made changes. She did a lot. This 'scan' was more than a once over and I consider it money well-spent."
Sheri Wall
Children's book author, raised $5k on IndieGoGo

Ready for detailed feedback on your campaign?

"I thought I had researched enough and knew what I was doing - but having a set of fresh and expert eyes helped so much. Lisa had many small suggestions and tweaks for me to do with my campaign that helped take it to that next level. The small small fee is so worth it. Lisa goes above and beyond."
Rebecca Hamer
Children's book author, raised $4k on Kickstarter