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1 – Knocked Up Abroad Again

2 – Sarah’s Journey—Dreams of the Displaced


3 – Super Science Heroes Marie Curie


4 – The 90-Day Action Planner

5 – Cami the Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets

6 – Skydancer: Adventures of a Monarch Butterfly

7 – Where Am I From?

8 – Where oh Where is Monty Bear?

9 – Good Morning, Mirror


10 – Thankful Frankie

11 – Cami the Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff

12 – I Hope It’s a Puppy!

13 – Super Soren

14 – Will God Still Find Me?

15 – Maiden Mermaid

16 – When the Clock Strikes on Halloween

17 – Brina—A Pagan Picture Book

18 – Little Narwhal’s Day

19 – Aiden McGee has a Case of the ‘Actuallys’

20 – Darcy Daydream 

21 – These Words Are For You

22 – Opossum Opposites—A story of empathy and environmental awareness


23 – Picasso and Einstein—The Economy Leadership and You

24 – A Book for Children Who Think, “I’m Just Bad at Math”

25 – Buddy’s Magic Window

26 – A Tree Could Be

27 – Love Lottery

28 – Rosalee the Sensory Seeker 

29 – Souled

30 – I Wish I Were a Unicorn

31 – Trump Guide to Spirituality

32 – Too Cute to Spook

33 – The Adventures of Bentley Hippo

34 – Chasing Butterflies into the Sunlight

35 – Dear Mama’s Loving Arms

36 – Alice Eloise’s Silver Linings

37 – Ada and the Helpers

38 – Should I speak up?

39 – This I Know


40 – Georgie Dupree: A children’s book series

41 – Rediscover African History: Njinga of Ndongo and Matamba

42 – Super Max’s Hero Surprise

43 – The Little Regent

44 – Henry and the Gym Monster

45 – A is for Agbada: An African Alphabet Adventurex

46 – Angel Donor

47 – When a Donut Goes to Therapy

48 – The Power of Kindness

49 – Logan and Emily Files: PJ’s Perplexing Predicament


50 – Silly Little Squabbles

51 – Juniper and the Magic Glasses

52 – The Wealth Playground

53 – The Celestina Code

54 – Mason and Milo: A Journey Through the Stars

55 – What Did We Miss?

56 – Above the Clouds

57 – Travel Rangers: Mission to Australia

58 – The Wonderful World of Zuri Rose

59 – The Winnie the Pooh Project

60 – Making the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Accessible

61 – Cookies are NOT for Breakfast!

62 – Misha and His Talking Animals


63 – Dutch for Greeks

64 – Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World

65 – Meet the Wild

66- Baby Worries

67 – What God is Saying

68 – Sweet Fire

69 – My Violin is (not) broken!

70 – Quantum Possum

71 – Melusine: Birds of Many Feathers

72 – In Search Of the Lost Words

73 – Exploring All I Can Do Series

74 – My Dental Debut

75 – Change Matters

76 – Ouch, Oops, Oh No!

77 – Mermaids Don’t Fart!

78 – Omni Tales: Immersive Story Experience

79 – A Walk Through Memory Lane

2024 and Coming Soon

80 – “A” to Sleep

81 – Building Bridges: Can we love and relate in a polarized world?

82 – Dante and the Magic Lomi Stick

83 – The A** Book

84 – Poppy MacMullen Press

85 – Rose the Owl Plush

86 – The Odd Dog

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