The magic of the forest is calling and it sounds like birds singing and twigs snapping underfoot. 

What is that up ahead? Is it a butterfly or another animal behind that tree? 

We Walk Through the Forest follows a spirited young girl and her playful pup as they create wondrous adventures together in the great outdoors.

Imaginations run wild as they walkhop, and sing through the forest. Just how many woodland creatures will they encounter? What adventures lie ahead? 

Perfect for carefree kids aged 3-6 years and their nature-loving families.

—32 pages

—8.5″ x 8.5″

—Paperback, hardcover and ebook formats available

Halloween fun for everyone!

Trick or treating, spooktacular costumes, and fun with friends!

Introduce your child to learning how to tell time with this fun and educational Halloween book. 

Simple rhyming sentences reinforce learning the language of telling time. 

Little clues on every page will hold your child’s attention and have them going back through the book over and over again. 

Great for kids ages 3-8 years.

—32 pages

—8.5″ x 8.5″

—Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle formats available

—Personalize your hardcover order!

Barn älskar halloween!

Den perfekta Halloween-boken för din lilla läsare.

—32 sidor



Count down the magic until Christmas morning.

With cups of hot cocoa, ice skating, and family dinners, When the Clock Strikes on Christmas Eve is full of cozy family scenes.

With a clock on every page and the number of candy canes corresponding to the number on the clock, your kids will get tons of counting practice.

Great for kids ages 3-8 years.

—32 pages

—8.5″ x 8.5″

—Paperback and Kindle formats available

Pregnant in another country?
The language, the culture, the customs: COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. 
Pregnancy hormones? ALL THE SAME.
Peek into the lives of 21 families experiencing this major life event away from their native lands. 
The fascinating rituals and how they were perceived will delight readers, pregnant or otherwise!

The second anthology in the Knocked Up Abroad series takes readers on an emotional, heartfelt, and humorous journey as an international group of mothers traverse the obstacles, trials, and tribulations of pregnancy, birth, and parenting around the globe.

Each mother experiences the cultural differences when raising children in a country that looks, sounds, and expects completely different behaviors than the culture in which she was raised herself.