Grab my Author Launch Accelerator Program for your book’s Kickstarter launch if you want to fund $8k or more!

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Amazing Client Results

"It is incredible how much I have learned from Lisa's coaching, her online course and the authors’ group calls, and I know that I will continue learning a lot in the last mile. I am so grateful! It has been one of my best learning adventures ever - the theory is put into practice, all is on me, yet Lisa has been there to give me guidance, encouragement and brainstorming. It has been a little bit like a small bird learning to fly!"
Margit Takacs
Raised $15k on Kickstarter for her business book, Change Matters
"Lisa’s expertise has been invaluable, but her genuine kindness and interest in making my project a success was truly the best part. Lisa went above and beyond what I expected. I believe our sessions were worth every penny."
Gina Gallois bio
Gina Gallois
Raised $24k on Kickstarter in 3 campaigns for her children's books
"Lisa not only coaches you through the process but her resources and tools are amazing! Buy her course, hire her as a coach! Throughout my Kickstarter I was able to secure so many partnerships and help me get out of my own way!"
Jasmine Paul
Raised $14k on Kickstarter for her children's books
"I’ve been so enjoying and am so thankful for Lisa's Kickstarter course… and also all of her incredibly helpful emails. Each one is like a little golden nugget/mini lesson!"
Alyssa Assante
Raised $10k for her children's book on Kickstarter
"Lisa is a wealth of resources and information when I have been stuck (many times). She helped me build my audience and reach them in a way that is not salesy. She also helped my confidence. Basically, she is awesome."
Erin Winters
Raised $10k on Kickstarter for her children's books
"I always leave my sessions with Lisa feeling more excited to think bigger, as well as ready to work and get my hands dirty applying a new tool or technique. Her integrity and passion for learning come through strongly as she passes on her expertise and new learning to clients in real time as it happens. Highly recommend!”"
Peter Beresford
Peter Beresford
Raised $6k on IndieGoGo for his non-fiction book

Why it Works

The Author Launch Accelerator Program is designed to support
authors through every stage of the crowdfunding process – from build to launch to beyond.

I have been working with authors across every genre to build their audiences in authentic ways that work best for THEM since 2017.

If you are familiar with crowdfunding but  not quite sure how it all fits together, then this program is perfect for you because you will not only get all of the resources you need to successfully crowdfund your book, but you will have someone by your side helping you every step of the way.

The Author Launch Accelerator program is so powerful because it supports you in 3 key ways:


#1 – Access to resources, templates, tutorials, calculators, and more to consult at your own pace.

Everything you need to plan, launch, and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign is at your fingertips.

You can work at your own pace, refer to resources, and consult past campaign examples to build your foundational knowledge of how to build an audience and crowdfund your book.

Includes access to over 5 hours of tutorial videos, email templates, reward tier builders, and more.

"Lisa’s course is AMAZING! I’m not only getting clarity on creating an amazing campaign, I’m also clear on what my book offers and what I stand for in the author space in general. SO GOOD!"
Tee Thior
Raised $5k+ on Kickstarter for her children's book

#2 – Community support through 12 weeks of group coaching every Monday and Wednesday. 


Nobody understands the issues authors face than other authors and my community of crowdfunding authors is incredibly supportive. Show up to the twice-weekly group coaching with your questions, your to-do list, and ask for feedback.

You’ll get so much more from the program when you participate in it fully.

#3 – 1:1 Support and accountability for you to stay on track. You’ll get all of the personalized support you need to meet your specific goals for your book.

During and between our 1:1 sessions, you will get the support you need in the form of recorded Zoom sessions, customized to-do lists so you know exactly what you should be working on between our meetings, and a coaching schedule based on your estimated launch date so that you are getting help every step of the way.

With unlimited email support in between our 6 sessions, and a 24-hour response time during the week, you’ll have quick answers to your questions as you build your campaign.

I know how scary it is to launch a new project, especially your baby(!!), so we’ll also have a special Launch Day high five 30-min Zoom session so that you’re feeling super confident and excited as you launch your campaign. 

I’m with you every single step of the way.

Your success is my success and I’m here to help you get there!

"From day one, Lisa has been in my corner cheering me on, responding to my questions quickly with expert advise, and leading zoom calls where authors collaborate, team-build and come up with new and effective ideas to get the word out about our amazing stories. The online course and vault of endless ideas and examples have given me the tools I need to reach my target readers. My audience is growing day by day, and I owe it all to Lisa and her vast knowledge in the field. If you're like me, an introverted storyteller who'd rather connect with their characters than the outside world, then I highly recommend Lisa and the crowdfunding services she provides. She will ease you out of your comfort zone and give you everything you need for a successful book launch."
SJ Rosson headshot
SJ Rosson
Children's book author
"I had difficult days and Lisa helped me a lot! I am thankful for all of the support she gave me over the months we worked together!"
Effie Alexiadou
Raised $10K for her bilingual book "Dutch for Greeks" on Kickstarter

Common Questions

You don’t! All you really need is an audience, a solid understanding of your expenses, and a book cover and some visuals.

If you can deliver your finished book within 8-10 months of finishing your Kickstarter campaign, and you have everything in place, you can launch.

Absolutely. You’ll need to know if you want to publish print-on-demand or do an off-set print run, or at least be familiar with those options. Happy to discuss them further with you on a discovery call so you have the clarification you need before starting anything.

Most of my author clients crowdfund anywhere from $5k-$30k, with the average falling around $10k.

Yes, I offer free discovery calls with potential clients who are ready to take the next step in their audience building or crowdfunding process.

Ideally, you are an author who is dedicated to excellence, and are looking for a crowdfunding expert to help guide you along the journey. I’m here for you every step of the way.

The timeline for each author is variable depending on where they are in the writing and audience buidling process, but I’ve worked with authors with 4 weeks to launch to 12 months to launch.

If you don’t have an audience yet, we will need to build that prior to launch (unless you want to do a micro launch). 

Book a discovery call so we can discuss it further and come up with a customized plan for you.

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