Author Launch Accelerator

Author Launch Accelerator Application

I’m so excited you’re here because this tells me you are ready to focus on your book’s Kickstarter campaign.

This is a 3-Month Accelerator Program starting in March 2024 focusing on audience engagement, campaign content, launching with support and confidence,  and engaging with your readers in new and exciting ways.

This accelerator is for authors who have their book completed or nearly complete and are now ready for the customized group coaching inside a mentorship model.

What’s Inside Our 12 Weeks Together

          • 1 x 60-min customized call together
          • Weekly group coaching calls
          • Access to Crowdfunding for Authors Course and Crowdfunding Vault Resources
          • Kickstarter campaign launch plan
          • Kickstarter campaign review
          • Social media content review
          • Sponsorship pitch deck review
          • Launch day support with Lisa (30-min virtual chest bump)
          • Private Group Support Tues-Thurs

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Schedule for our 12 Weeks together

Weeks 1-4: Foundation and Planning

Week 1: Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Welcome Session: Introduce members of the group, discuss our purpose, and expectations.
  • Participant Introductions: Each author introduces themselves, their book, and sets SMART goals.

Week 2: Book Launch Overview

  • Overview of Launch Process: Cover pre-launch, launch, and post-launch strategies.
  • Case Studies: Share successful book launch examples.
  • Q&A Session: Address questions and concerns.

Week 3: Engaging Your Author Platform

  • Importance of Author Platform: Discuss building a strong platform before launching.
  • Social Media Strategies: Explore effective strategies on all platforms 
  • Website and Email List: Provide email templates, engagment strategies, and the importance of an invested email list.

Week 4: Crafting Compelling Descriptions and Covers

  • Book Descriptions: We will create engaging book descriptions with group feedback and input.
  • Cover Design and Graphic Design: Create graphics incorporating attractive covers, book reviews, and more.
  • Peer Review: Authors share their descriptions and graphics for feedback.

Weeks 5-8: Pre-Launch Preparation

Week 5: Marketing Strategies

  • Overview of Marketing Tactics: Discuss various marketing strategies, both online and offline.
  • Sponsorships: Introduce considerations for sponsorships and other marketing efforts.

Week 6: Launch Timeline and Planning

  • Develop a Launch Timeline: Break down the launch process into manageable steps.
  • Planning Tools: Introduce tools and resources for effective planning.

Week 7: Content Creation

  • Content Planning: Utilize Lisa’s content calendar for pre-launch and launch phases.
  • Blogging, Podcasting, and Videos: Explore content creation options beyond the book.

Week 8: Collaborative Session

  • Group Discussion: Review progress, address challenges, and provide support.

Weeks 9-12: Launch and Post-Launch Strategies

Week 9: Launch Execution

  • Execute Pre-Launch Plan: Support all authors in the group in implementing their pre-launch strategies.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Discuss tracking metrics and making adjustments as needed.

Week 10: Launch Week

  • Supportive Environment: All authors will have a safe and confidential space to share their launch experiences, successes, and challenges.
  • Troubleshooting: Address any unexpected challenges and celebrate successes.

Week 11: Post-Launch Strategies

  • Post-Launch Marketing: Discuss strategies for maintaining momentum post-launch.
  • Reviews and Feedback: Encourage strategies for gathering reviews and feedback.

Week 12: Reflection and Future Plans

  • Reflect on the Journey: Evaluate the entire book launch process.
  • Future Goals: Discuss authors’ plans for future projects and continued success.