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Testing out the
Mooberry Book Manager—Plugin for WordPress

I’m testing out a new WordPress plug-in called the Mooberry Book Manager.

They make it easy to add your own books or any books that you’d like to feature on your website (perhaps you’re reviewing books) in a smart way.

Who is this plugin good for?

This plugin is perfect for authors, illustrators, publishers, and book reviewers—basically, anyone who wants to highlight and feature books for sale.

Why you’ll want this plugin

In the past, I’ve featured my books by uploading my cover image and hyperlinking it to Amazon. This plugin helps because it adds the retailer logos below and allows the reader to purchase your book in a visual way. No hyperlink text to weed through.

This plugin also allows you to add retailers so you can support your local bookstores or indie bookshops that carry your books. They did you a favor by purchasing your book, now it’s time to return the favor with a bit of social media presence on your website.

How it works

You’ll need to play around with it a bit as it takes some getting used to. My advice is to copy/paste your content from your Amazon page right into the Summary section and start completing each section as you go.

I originally added some links to reviews from Amazon but it got a bit messy and I deleted them. Remember, keeping your site clean and simple is always better.

After experimenting a bit, I decided to add the html book grid code to the pages where I want my books to appear.

In my case, I have a Published Works page already established so I added the book grid code to that page and voila! My Knocked Up Abroad series is now featured on the page and easily clickable.

Readers who click on the books within the book grid will be taken to your specific book page with summary and options to buy your book in various formats.

Pro tip: Be sure to add your Amazon Affiliate link to the download links in the Retailer section.

Click on the Add Retailer button to add indie bookshops

I manually added all of the independent bookshops that carry my books using the Add Retailer option. Not only is this good for the indie bookstores but it shows your reach into brick and mortar stores as an indie author.

The end result

Here’s the Mooberry page for my first book, Knocked Up Abroad.

It looks pretty good, right?

Helpful buttons

The add to Goodreads button will be great for your readers to quickly add your book to their list and will prompt more book reviews.

Don’t forget to include your book blurbs and reader reviews to the review section.

An aside: Do you know what a book blurb is? Do you know how to get them for the cover and interior pages of your book? If not, click here to read all about book blurbs and why they are important.

If you’ve tested out the Mooberry Book Manager plugin or have a better plugin for books that you prefer, please let me know in the comments below.

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