About me

Who am I?

Science nerd turned creative nerd.

I bring both an analytical and creative approach to everything I do.

My background in public health, statistics, and informatics means that I geeked out for most of my professional career and I love a methodical approach to writing and creating books.

My name is Lisa and I live in Sweden and am raising bilingual kids.  We moved from the US and planted ourselves in the Scandinavian soil and have been flourishing ever since.

This image is actually of me on a 3,000 year old archeological dig in my backyard. Yup, living in Sweden provides endless inspiration for new stories, insights, and experiences. 

What’s cool is that I discovered that I really love helping authors around the world tell their stories.

After launching my first campaign to over $10k on Kickstarter and then subsequently, helping over 100 other authors do the same, I discovered that my positive energy and spirit is best served when helping others achieve their dreams

By training, I’m a very analytical, and organized, process-oriented person. 

I like breaking down complex ideas into their basic building blocks.

I then build tools and systems for others to utilize so we don’t all try to reinvent the wheel.

By experience, I’ve discovered how the energy and support we give others comes back to us tenfold.

If you need a bit of hand-holding through the crowdfunding process, then I know that my step-by-step coaching and program will help you achieve your publishing goals—all while maintaining your rights, setting your own budget, and marketing in a way that feels best for you.

I want to help more authors create a sustainable approach to publishing so they can experience the same creative freedom that I enjoy so much.

If you are interested in crowdfunding your book, then book a discovery call below.

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