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About me

Hi, there! My name is Lisa and I live in Sweden. We moved here years ago but that’s not really important. What’s cool is that I discovered that I really love helping women around the world tell their stories.

In my first two books (there will be more, I promise) I discovered how amazing it was to bring stories to life. The self-publishing model was a great way for me to maintain creative control and target a niche audience.

By training, I’m a very pragmatic, analytical person. My master’s degree in epidemiology and statistics means that I approach every new project in a straightforward, step-by-step manner.

Many writers, creatives, don’t like formulaic processes whereas, I love the predictability of them. There’s a pattern to everything, I just need to learn it and master it.

If you need a bit of hand holding through the self-publishing or crowdfunding process, then I know that my step-by-step guides will help you.

I know because that’s what people tell me.

Lisa Ferland's help was invaluable for self-publishing my book. Lisa not only shared her experience of self-publishing two anthologies, she also helped me with the book's interior design. She taught me some functions I never knew Microsoft had (kerning, anyone?), and her advice made me aware of what to look out for when formatting a book. Moreover, she pays a great attention to detail and to the book's aesthetic look and feel.
Olga Mecking Headshot
Olga Mecking
Writer & publisher of "One Chance in a Thousand. A Holocaust Memoir."
Lesson content is clear, accessible to understand with added videos, diagrams, articles, and more. As course creator and facilitator, your way of communicating is uplifting, encouraging and done with clarity. I feel that this is a perfect resource for any beginner! Covering all aspects, I feel more empowered to not only author, but to publish as well. Merci!
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Laura McGahey