Hello, indie authors!

If you’re anything like me, you’re interested in self-publishing because you want to make your own decisions regarding your book and DIY with style.

You might be a small business owner, a professional with a personal brand, or someone with a story to tell.

Your book is your baby and represents months or years of blood, sweat, and tears…well, maybe not blood or at least, I hope not.

My name is Lisa Ferland and I’ve been through the traditional publishing house ringer—an excruciatingly frustrating process over four years. Following that painful-but-informative experience, I knew I could figure out self-publishing on my own and do a bang up job at it too. 

After discovering that I could make my self-published book look and feel like every traditionally published book on the shelf, I knew that I could help others do the same.

I’m helping writers bring their books to life in the following ways:

 Self-publishing requires an upfront investment by the author but that doesn’t mean that it all has to come out of your pocket.

Crowdfunding your book

I’ve helped numerous people launch their books on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo to cover the costs related to self-publishing their books.

Crowdfunding is a powerful marketing tool and not many authors know how to use it to their advantage.

Whether you’re new to self-publishing or an old pro, taking on a crowdfunding effort takes extra planning and attention to details.

I can help you navigate those murky waters and hold your hand through every step of the way.

I’m helping authors crowdfund their books in three ways:

Not sure where to start or what you need?

Grab some free resources on self-publishing and crowdfunding to learn more.


Why I self-published my books

One of my blog posts went viral (in my little circle and a bit beyond) and that prompted me to submit an essay to the Wall Street Journal, which garnered even more attention.

All of the chatter about the topic of those articles got me thinking, “Hmm, there might be something to this…” and some of my friends encouraged me to write a book.

“But, I know nothing about writing a book. I can’t possibly do that!”

While, I loved my personal story, I didn’t feel confident writing an entire book on my own. I knew that there was an audience who was  interested now and wanted to consume more of the topic immediately.

From my academic publishing experience, I knew that the traditional publishing process was going to be too slow and the proverbial ship will have sailed before I could get any content into a bookstore.

I spent long nights researching and consuming webinars, online courses, and reading blogs about self-publishing. I had no idea what I was doing but I was determined to become an expert.

Rounding up some interested writers, an editor, and graphic designer, I pulled together an anthology and published my first book, Knocked Up Abroad, in January 2016. 

Readers loved the book and emailed me asking for another collection of stories.

Not having bottomless pockets, I decided to up the ante and utilize crowdfunding via Kickstarter to not only cover the costs of the book’s production but to also market Knocked Up Abroad Again to a broader audience.

The campaign was a success and the readers helped bring the book to life.

Both the self-publishing and crowdfunding processes are time-intensive, and stressful, yet rewarding experiences.

Combining the two is not the right path for everyone, but it might be right for you.

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