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A little bit about me. I am

Flexible: Five years of experience working across multiple time zones and managing projects with crushing deadlines,

A collaborative machine: two anthologies, coordinating with 50 people, published within 12 months of one another, and

Great under pressure: raised over $10,000 in 30 days on Kickstarter

If you are interested in self-publishing, crowdfunding your next project, or working collaboratively with people around the world and are ready to work hard, then I can help you achieve your very best.


“I was incredibly impressed with Lisa’s organizational and managerial skills when she sought to fund the second volume of the Knocked Up Abroad book series. Through her leadership, flexibility and innovation, she was able to quickly change plans to go with what works for raising money. Congratulations and great work!”

Vanessa Jencks, Managing Editor at True Run Media (theBejinger | bejingkids | JingKids)

“I loved working with Lisa—she was really responsive and not at all pushy. She was also happy to let me find my own voice but then to take control of the edit when it was needed. Once the writing was done, I was very grateful to be able to hand over the really hard work of funding and marketing to Lisa and was in awe of how she managed to keep going on the Kickstarter campaign for a month until she reached her goal. She was definitely dedicated to the project and I would be very happy to work with her again.”

—Clara Wiggins, author of The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Lisa on the Knocked Up Abroad series and Kickstarter campaign. As contributors, Lisa kept us fully informed and engaged throughout the whole process, which I really appreciated. Her commitment to getting this project more than fully funded was unswerving, and her passion nothing less than inspiring.”

—Lucille Abendanon, Expitterpattica

Services Offered (Coming Soon)

Crowdfunding Review and Assistance

  • Pre-launch crowdfunding strategy and design—let’s make a plan before hitting the “Launch” button to increase your chances of success
  • Want to know when my crowdfunding course is available? Click here and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live


  • Everything from what platform to use, editing, interior formatting and layout, cover design (not me, but my colleague Emelie Cheng), marketing strategies, blog curation, and more.

Health services content

    • Do you need someone with an MPH to write up the latest on electronic health records, surveillance activities, or help with your next assessment or grant proposal?
    • I have 10 years of experience in public health and five years of experience in consulting for the WHO, ECDC, CDC, and CSTE.
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Why Do I Publish Anthologies?

More lessons learned about anthologies