Fully fund your book using crowdfunding on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

More authors and illustrators are discovering the power of crowdfunding — the act of raising a tiny bit of money from a large group of people — to launch their books.

When you crowdfund your book, not only do you have more funds to create high-quality books, but you offer your readers something they can’t get when they simply buy your book online.

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo generates a buzz of excitement and offers readers a chance to be part of the book creation process

Crowdfunding authors have found that their backers are their best fans, help spread the excitement about future book launches, and generate energy around a book launch that is unparalleled to traditional book launches. 

I love working with enthusiastic and creative authors who aren’t afraid to try something new. 

Let’s get your book out into the world with creative marketing strategies and awesome bonus rewards for your readers.


"After taking Lisa’s course, I felt confident. I felt at ease and was able to let my personality shine through knowing I had a solid plan in place.”
Ceece Kelley
Raised $36k on Kickstarter in two campaigns
"Lisa’s expertise has been invaluable, but her genuine kindness and interest in making my project a success was truly the best part. Lisa went above and beyond what I expected. I believe our sessions were worth every penny."
Gina Gallois bio
Gina Gallois
Raised $5k on Kickstarter
“I always leave my sessions with Lisa feeling more excited to think bigger, as well as ready to work and get my hands dirty applying new tool or technique. Highly recommend!”
Peter Beresford
Raised $5k on Kickstarter
"Lisa is a consummate professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I highly recommend her services."
karla valenti
Karla Valenti
Raised $18k on IndieGoGo
"Lisa is so knowledgeable. She really knows what she’s doing and she can guide you through."
Elisavet Arkolaki
Raised $11k on Kickstarter

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Hi Lisa! I just want to thank you for your Kickstarter tutorial videos. I watched them before launching my second campaign and had such a better outcome. I met my goal on day 7 instead of day 24 like my last campaign. Your videos are so helpful!
heather robyn
Heather Robyn
Children's book author, 2x Kickstarter creator
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